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  • How Safe is the System?
    ECOMAXX is a strong, flexible, thin aluminium alloy foil. It is made of an innovative aluminium alloy that heats when electricity is passed through the material. So by design it cannot overheat. ECOMAXX operates on low-voltage and is normally connected to a 24-volt power supply, but can also be run by solar or wind-power sources. Our system is energy efficient when continuously energized, ECOMAXX is a very safe product and ideally suited for bathrooms and other humid environments.
  • Running Costs?
    It is approximately 20 W/sqm per hour, average for the whole hating season, but it highly depends on insulation an properties of a building.
  • Can it be installed under a parquet or engineered wood?
    Yes. The aluminium alloy heating tape is 0.5 thick allowing it to be installed under parqets. Furthermore, manufacturers of the engineered wood specifies if it is suitable for the underfloor heating.
  • Can it be installed under tiles, concrete, marble or travetine?"
    ECOMAXX's underfloor heating can be installed under tiles as all types of tiles are good for the underfloor heating, They have good thermal conductivity and even better thermal accumulation properties. Moreover, can also be installed under concrete, marble and travetine as concrete has good thermal accumulation properties whilst marble and travetine are very good thermal accumulators.
  • Can it be installed under a carpet or torba?
    No. Carpets are good insulators whilst underfloor heating requires a solid and flat surface rendering the system incompatable under torba.
  • Does the thickness of tiles or concrete affect the system efficiency?
    No. If the tiles or concrete above the heating tape is thick, it only initially takes more time to heat up. Once it is warm, the thick material accumulates and emits the heat evenly.
  • Do I have to have thermal insulation ?
    No. The system works even without any insulation, but the energy loss will be considerable and running cost very high.
  • What kind of electric supply do I need to prepare ?
    Three cord 2.5 mm cable from main DB to the ECOMAXX transformer connected to it’s own fuse. For each heating zone separately.
  • Can it be installed in just one part of large room ?
    Yes. In that case ECOMAXX should be treated as secondary heating device and declared running cost is not valid.
  • Do you install heaters under the bed, closet or kitchen appliances ?"
    No. All permanent furniture are avoided.
  • Can it be installed just in my bathroom or under the shower ?
    Yes it can be installed in the bathroom and under the walk in shower. However, cannot be installed under the shower tray.
  • Can it be connected directly on PV panel ?
    Yes. However, the heating is mostly needed when there is not enough sun light. Having a battery is highly recommended.
  • How long does it take to install it ?
    If everything is properly prepared we can install up to 100 sqm in one day.
  • Where can I see this system ?
    You could visit our office where we have it installed or we could take you to one of our clients.
  • Can it be connected to a smart thermostat ?
    Yes. It is not in our standard offer. There are various smart thermostats on the market. Almost all of them could be connected to our system. It is up to you to choose one and consult with us.
  • Can you install the thermal insulation ?
    Yes. We can do the supply delivery and installation. That is not included in our price list.
  • Are there any additional costs ?
    There are additional costs of preparing the flat solid surface (cement screed or similar) and supply delivery and installation of thermal insulation. I could be done by our company or by the client.
  • What is the Energy Performance Certificate ?
    You can see at following links
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