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Electrical underfloor heating offers several advantages over its water-based counterpart, making it a superior choice for many applications. Firstly, electrical systems are easier and less costly to install, requiring no complex plumbing or boiler systems. They also provide quicker response times, allowing for precise temperature control and increased energy efficiency. Additionally, electrical underfloor heating systems are more space-efficient, as they eliminate the need for bulky pipes and manifolds. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term operational costs. Overall, the simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of electrical underfloor heating make it a preferred option for many heating needs.



Underfloor heating systems employ radiant heat, efficiently warming interior spaces and providing a consistent and comforting experience for occupants.

In contrast, traditional heating methods, such as radiators and air conditioning units, rely on convection to warm the surrounding air. This convective process results in heated air rising to the upper portions of a room, often failing to adequately reach individuals at ground level. Consequently, these conventional systems tend to distribute heat unevenly, giving rise to cold spots and contributing to an overall less comfortable indoor environment.


The superior performance and uniform heat distribution of underfloor heating systems significantly enhance user comfort and the overall efficiency of space heating.




We have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the realm of electric underfloor heating, fostering a highly specialized and unwavering commitment to our valued clientele.

Traditional electric underfloor heating systems typically operate at high voltage levels, relying on robust, insulated copper cables drawing approximately 220-240V (AC) power from the grid. In contrast, our Ecomaxx underfloor heating systems harness the potential of low voltage, ranging from 12-24V, a paradigm shift that capitalizes on the use of broader 10cm-wide aluminum alloy tapes. This innovative approach enables our systems to seamlessly cover expansive areas with a single strip, delivering unmatched performance and efficiency to our discerning customers.

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