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ECOMAXX Underfloor Heating Systems adpot a tailor-made approach

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Our underfloor heating systems exhibit energy-efficient characteristics, with an average energy consumption of approximately 20 watts per square meter per hour throughout the heating season. The precise calculation is challenging to determine with absolute certainty due to the multitude of variables that influence it. These variables encompass factors like the building's inherent attributes, thermal insulation, susceptibility to wind exposure, window types, and more.


The system runs on low voltages ranging from as little as 12V to 24V on average.

Our systems utilize advanced aluminum alloy heating elements that cover between 50% to 80% of your floor space, strategically positioned just 10cm apart. This design minimizes energy consumption by efficiently distributing heat across the entire floor surface, leaving no wasteful gaps. Furthermore, this setup concentrates the heating precisely where it's needed, avoiding areas obstructed by permanent furniture and appliances.

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Mitigating heat loss is crucial not only to conserve energy but also to optimize your underfloor heating system's performance, ensuring both cost savings and enhanced comfort. When your floor is adequately insulated before the installation of underfloor heating, you unlock the full potential of this technology. Effective insulation acts as a barrier, preventing heat from escaping and ensuring that your heating system operates efficiently. This means quicker warm-up times and uniform heat distribution throughout your space, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a rapidly responsive and consistently comfortable environment.

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