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Lights in the Dark

Running Cost &
Energy Efficiency

Our underfloor heating systems consume low amounts of energy. This amount is approximately 20W/sqm/hour on average for the whole heating season. The exact calculation is hard to predict due to the many factors which affect it, such as the position and properties of the building itself, thermal insulation, exposure to wind, type of windows, etc.

Thermal Insulation

Heat loss can be expensive as it wastes energy and means that you have to have the system on for a longer period of time for the floor to heat up. By properly insulating your floor before installing underfloor heating, you can fully enjoy the energy efficiency benefits of using a system that heats up fast and distributes the heat evenly. 

Build up ECOMAXX.png

Low Consumption

We cut the heat loss wherever we can.  The advantage of ECOMAXX underfloor heating system is the possibility of customization. ECOMAXX is not an off the shelf product with preset power regime which can not be changed. We calculate optimal power load according to physical properties of given building and according to the client’s needs and wishes. 

ECOMAXX aluminium alloy heating covers 50-80% of the floor and are packed together at a distance of 10cm apart, thus requiring less energy to heat up the floor and the gaps between the tape. Having this larger surface area results in less energy required to heat the floor. Another advantage is the possibility to avoid areas having permanent furniture and appliances, this results in less energy wastage, concentrating the same power to furniture free area. 

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